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Big Smoke Brass Unveils "House of Horns: Charts vs Classics" - A Fusion of Brass and Beats!

Big Smoke Brass - UK performing a gig at The Magic Garden Pub in Battersea, London.
Performing our new show 'Charts vs Classics' at The Magic Garden in Battersea

We're thrilled to announce the debut of our latest musical venture: "House of Horns: Charts vs Classics" - the infectious energy of a brass band meets the immersive experience of a DJ club night.

Setting the Stage at The Magic Garden Pub

In February 2024 we kicked off our journey with the premiere of "House of Horns" at The Magic Garden Pub in Battersea. Back in 2022 we began exploring the possibilities of fusing our signature brass band sound with electronic effects and pre-recorded tracks. In the early stages this involved some electronic drum sounds and bass effects which we tentatively used at our performance at Boardmasters Festival in Newquay that summer. We came away from that experience feeling both daunted and excited by the possibilities that we felt we had only just scratched the surface of and cut forward to February 2024 and we were now ready to perform our new show which not only explored the use of a hybrid, electro-acoustic drum kit but also a bespoke DJ playlist which laid the foundations for a totally different sound to our regular performances.

Trumpet player on stage at the House of Horns: Charts vs Classcis gig in Battersea, London
Photography by Andrew King Photography

At the gig

We were joined at the venue by Hootini Brass Band who played a one hour set of brass band originals before we took to the stage to perform our show for the very first time. We were pleased to be back performing at The Magic Garden pub in Battersea having performed there a few years before. It is an intimate venue a stones throw from Queenstown Road Station with an extensive line-up of live music on all year round and an excellent sound system to boot.

Hootini Brass Band
Hootini Brass Band

Charts vs Classics: A Musical Fusion Like No Other

It took the best part of 12 months to develop this show from the conception of the idea to the first performance in Battersea and now we want to share our creation with audiences far and wide at gigs and festivals across the UK. The theme for the songs included in the specially created DJ mix was current hits from the last couple of years alongside timeless well-known classics which have been remixed in to a high-energy and infectiously feel-good EDM style. We are going to continue to develop this show but are also excited by other themes which could emerge as we continue to explore the fusion of live brass and pre-recorded electronic sounds.

Have a listen

Have a listen to the live audio from the Magic Garden gig via the link below and keep an eye on our upcoming events page to catch this performance at a venue or festival near you this summer. 🎺


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