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Pump Up the Atmosphere: Why A Brass Band is the Perfect Addition to Any Sports Event!

From the Queen's Club to the Olympic Park, we've had the honour of performing at some of the most prestigious sporting events across the UK. A brass band is the perfect addition to almost any sporting event - providing unparalleled energy and atmosphere. Here are some of the events we have performed at over the years:

Big Smoke Brass - UK performing at The Queen's Club Men's Final in 2022
Performing at The Queen's Club Men's Final in 2022

The Queen's Club Tennis Tournament: The Men's Final in 2022 was won by Matteo Berrettini on a scorching hot June afternoon. Big Smoke Brass were delighted to spend the day in West London, entertaining the crowds from their arrival right up until the final match took place. Our 7-Piece Roaming Band had been booked to add some playful energy to the event taking place at the historic Queen's Club which we did right up until we were told off by the umpire for playing too loudly once the final had begun...sorry!

London Landmarks Half Marathon: As runners pounded the pavement through the streets of London, we were there to cheer them on every step of the way. Our high-energy performances provided the perfect soundtrack to keep participants motivated and spectators entertained. Seeing the runners' faces light up as they sang along to our brassy pop covers brought joy to us and everyone else watching.

Big Smoke Brass - UK providing half time entertainment at The Netball Superleague
Half time entertainment at The Netball Superleague

Netball Superleague at the Copperbox Arena: When it comes to indoor sports, our roaming band knows how to bring the heat. At the Copperbox Arena in Stratford, we pumped up the crowd during breaks in the action as well as serenading the netball fans as they arrived at the impressive East London venue, adding an extra layer of excitement to the Netball Superleague matches.

Roaming Band at Royal Parks Half Marathon
Roaming Band at The Royal Parks Half Marathon

Royal Parks Half Marathon: Amidst the stunning scenery of London's royal parks, we brought the party to the sidelines of the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Our mobile 7-piece roaming band kept spirits high as runners tackled the course, proving that music and sports make the perfect pair and that even when trying for a new PB there is still time to sing-along to some trumpets blasting out Stevie Wonder!

Hackney Half Marathon: Last but certainly not least, we took to the streets of the Olympic Park in Stratford to support participants in the Hackney Half Marathon. Our interactive performances not only entertained spectators but also encouraged runners to push through to the finish line. A noisy brass band is the perfect entertainment to cut through the noise of a marathon crowd.

The Brass Band For Your Next Event

Our roaming band line-up is the ideal choice for fan zones, on-the-pitch entertainment and corporate boxes, providing mobile entertainment that engages with the crowd and builds excitement throughout the game. So, whether you're planning a major tournament or a live stream of a big match, let Big Smoke Brass take your sporting event to new heights.

Contact us today to book the ultimate brass band experience and get ready to pump up the atmosphere at your next sports event.


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